Financial Impact

Korean mukbang videos are crowdfunded, this means the audience makes donations towards the host while streaming (Sacasas 2019). Meanwhile YouTubers from the west make income through ad revenue and sponsorships.

After seeing the rise and success of these videos, many business’s have tried to capitalise on this with it becoming a marketing method for their products. Brand deals are often made when “brands approach online celebrities, like BJs, because of the voluminous number of subscribers and followers, which gives brands a window of opportunity to reach out to potential customers” (Pereira, Sung & Lee 2019, P. 78)

Mukbang BJs could be suited to market a wide range of items using product placement whether it be in their videos or digital display advertising surrounding it. Food products such as restaurants, food brands and snacks are the most obvious choices to market. This could expand to food-related products like cooking utensils or even weight loss items. As videos are often created or streamed within the home this again opens up another opportunity for homeware brands or products to be displayed (Pereira, Sung & Lee 2019, P. 87).

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